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luca corberi reddit

//luca corberi reddit

luca corberi reddit

Karter Luca Corberi, who caused outrage after throwing a bumper at a rival before starting a fight, has apologised. Like, I don't want to make excuses for the guy, and it's up to everyone individually to determine whether this exonerates him even a little, but he's at least not fucking around. Well yeah because people made sure he didn't get the chance to. VK. Facebook Twitter Reddit Flipboard. Press J to jump to the feed. An Italian karter involved in "disturbing events" at a race track says he has quit the sport. He acknowledges wrongdoing, doesn't try to shift blame, and takes the appropriate course of action by retiring from motorsport. Pixabay / spamforpic. ... 23-year-old Luca Corberi was filmed taking the bumper from his Go-Kart and standing by the track before hurling it at another driver in the middle of the Karting KZ World Championships race in a blatant attempt to cause a crash and/or injury. That person was actively racing, but he missed. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Pinterest WhatsApp Email. Email. Telegram. But to throw something at him on the track? As people brought up when this was first posted, Romano Fenati did some really dangerous shit back in his day and he's still racing in Moto3. That coulda seriously hurt or killed him or another driver. Wiki, Biography, Age, Wife, Children, Instagram, Net Worth - Wikibious ( self.Wikibious80 ) submitted 2 hours ago by Wikibious80 nationality Italian age 23 years old born August 6, 1997 The governing FIA said it had launched an immediate investigation. 0. What an absolute prat, way to kill a career before its even really started. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. For example there was a story of some teenagers throwing stones on a dual carriage way and it killed someone. I will totally agree with the punishments required. The following alternative links are available: Mirror #1 (provided by /u/tuckbot). Digg. ReddIt. Luca did only apologize for his own actions. That’s going to leave a huge hole in his life. That has to get him a lifetime ban or something. Open Wheel, Endurance, Rally, Touring Cars, Hill Climbs, Motorcycles, Stockcars, Lawn Mowers..... Viber. Preview: Three-way British F3 fight separated by just six points. “I raced against Luca for a good three or four years in my karting career,” said Russell in today’s FIA press conference. After going off the track while fighting for 15th position, Luca Corberi, 23, detached the front of his kart, then took up position on the edge of the track. Maybe this is the bare minimum that should've been done, but considering how low the bar has been set for actually punishing headassery, it's still good to see. For this reason I've decided to don't take part to any other motorsport competition for the rest of my life, that's not a self justice, it's simply the right thing to do. next post. Corberi stunned the motorsport world with his actions after being taken out of the KZ final at Lonato last weekend. Corberi, 23, from Italy, also started a fight with Paolo Ippolito – and the whole thing was filmed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Following the incident, FIA karting commission president Felipe Massa said there would be “consequences” for Corberi’s actions. Luca Corberi took to social media in the aftermath of the incident, saying there were no excuses for his actions and vowing not to race ever again and to accept whatever punishment is handed down. Mix. Italian kart racer Luca Corberi went a bit off the rails after being disqualified from the FIA World Karting Championships. No you do not fight at all, jesus what is wrong with you? He can’t apologize for his father, he can only take responsibility for his own actions which he did. What an utter disgrace. Italian chauffeur Luca Corberi, who had actually gone into in the KZ classification, was initially seen removing a bumper from his crashed kart and waiting at the side of the track. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email. Open Wheel, Endurance, Rally, Touring Cars, Hill Climbs, Motorcycles, Stockcars … What he and his entartrage did was super dangerous and I hope no one was injured and that younger drivers never dare repeat it. The Italian star ripped off his car’s bumper and … Luca Corberi, Italian driver of the Mundial de Karting. News, stories and discussion from and about the world of Formula 1. He was indeed guilty of having thrown the bumper of his kart on his opponent of the day, before attacking him in the paddock. 2009 Formula One World Champion Jenson Button has called for 23-year-old kart racer Luca Corberi to be handed a lifetime ban for endangering a fellow competitor.. Driver Luca Corberi had a full-blown meltdown after crashing out of Sunday’s World Karting Championship. Email. And they might as well close the circuit. Last weekend race was Corberi’s first appearance in the KZ Final for three years, at the track operated by his parents. dix He then throws the bumper at Ippolito up close Wow, if you upset JB you must have royally fucked up. My family has been in karting since 1985, we've seen it grow, we've seen the best and the worst part of it. He finished fifth in the championship for the same category that year, which was won by George Russell. Key point here. There was also a large fight in the pits afterwards involving drivers and mechanics. There is none of that "i am sorry you got offended" bullshit. He took one of his bumpers and threw the bumper at someone who made him go off track. Button suggested on Twitter that the Italian deserved a life ban: "Luca Corberi just destroyed any chance he had at a racing career after his disgusting behaviour at the FIA World champs," said the Briton. WTF. News, stories and discussion … Coverage of the KZ final on YouTube showed 23-year-old Luca Corberi crashing out and waiting by the side of the track for rival Paolo Ippolito before hurling his kart's bumper at him. LINE. 26.8k members in the motorsports community. ReddIt. I expect him and his dad to face the Police after they attacked the kid unprovoked after the race. The KZ, KZ2 and Academy finals were held on Sunday at Lonato, which is owned by Corberi’s family. All forms of motorsporting posts and discussion. I mean he intended to do physical harm. Wow, takes a very big man to release something like this even if he didn’t write it. This is massive, image how much of his life is karting, with his family owning what might be the biggest circuit in Italy and major karting nation. This episode will be remember as one of the worst in our sport and that's something I'll never forget. 200 votes, 98 comments. Corberi, who drives for Tony Kart, and his CRG rival Ippolito were both disqualified over their roles in the collision, footage of which was not broadcast. The incident took place at the KZ, KZ2 and Academy finals at Lonato on Sunday. I'm writing today to say sorry even if it's not enough, because after all the bad things that happened during this event, the worst ever has been done by me, a guy who love this sport and after the worst day of his life will still remember his good racing memories. "I'd like to apologize to the motorsport community for what I've done. Roundup: Chilton and van der Garde win at Singapore finale. On the upside noone got hurt and he can be sure something like this won't ever happen again. I did not expect him to retire from motorsport, but this is the best possible response he could've given. When Jenson has condemned the events and Felipe was the bossman on site, overlooking the whole thing.. yeah, there is no other choice to be made. Guess they had the money to pay a good PR manager for damage control. It only took one egregious act to turn an entire community against Corberi, the kart racer who made headlines after throwing his KZ-class kart’s front bumper onto the track. This guy needs to stop being so reasonable. More posts from the motorsports community. Like seriously? If you are that angry and behave like that you should not be allowed to drive a racing car at all anymore for the following blabla years. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Edit: I just noticed ‘motorsport competition‘ so guess he will still be teaching and track side? I bet He will only get a ban, when he should be getting charged for attempt to cause gbh. Karting driver Luca Corberi says he asked officials to take his licence away after attacking a world championship rival last weekend, and claims he will never race again. Third, Corberi's father came in after him and punched the other driver to the ground again. I can forgive him because that is a statement with no other interpretation than 100% regret and shame. ReddIt. Karting World Championships: Luca Corberi throws bumper at opponent during race Published 05 Oct 2020. Digg. He did fight him after the race, he tackled him and tried to beat another driver up. Email. The FIA has released a statement regarding the World Karting Championship’s incident at Lonato which gathered strong reactions from motor racing community. Luca Corberi, 23, threw the bumper of his kart at fellow Italian racer Paolo Ippolito, 24, after the pair tangled during the race, forcing Corberi out. One of the strongest public apologies i've seen. Damn, checked JB's twitter feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ... Luca Corberi has just destroyed any chance he had at a racing career after his disgusting behaviour today … Print. actually he should be criminally prosecuted. Note: this is a bot providing a directory service.If you have trouble with any of … Mix. His father owns that racetrack. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Even though the apology feels genuine, the cynic in me can't help but feel that this is intended first and foremost as a decision to preserve the family's business and protect the father from any consequence that could lead not to own the track anymore. 1.3m members in the formula1 community. There was about 20 other tweets coming from F1 legends alone, better get ahead of things. It was partially written to cover his ass considering how dangerous the offense was, but it's about the best anyone could've hoped for after the deed's already been done. Honestly, good apology. Tumblr. The events took place during the KZ category race in Lonato. Print. Telegram. He is lucky he didn't kill someone. The motor racing world was left in shock at the weekend when video footage of 2 events at the FIA World Karting Finals in Italy emerged. ReddIt. This is by far the worst we've seen, but if you ask me there's not much difference between throwing a bumper at a car and throwing an F1 car into another F1 car, and we've seen plenty of that too with no comparable consequences. It’s the shocking moment as go-kart driver Luca Corberi throws his bumper at a rival mid-race in an astonishing meltdown that has led to calls for his lifetime ban. Luca Corberi throws bumper at Paolo Ippolito after crashing in Karting World Championships. He's never going to fit into the motorsport community with an attitude like this. I agree not only is he breaking a lot of rules of racing but this is also attempted murder a helmet wont save you from getting hit by a bumper at this speed. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Email. If you’re that angry, go fight the dude after the race in the pits. If his father was involved, too, I wonder what he's got to say in that matter. Tumblr. Viber. previous post. Press J to jump to the feed. And they got put in prison. Luca Corberi. Thank you". Telegram. Even if it should've never happened in the first place. ReddIt. Watch as karter Luca Corberi throws his bumper at opponent Paolo Ippolito in anger after crashing in Karting World Championships KZ Final. He should be arrested for attempted murder. sadly he did fight the kid in the pits, people Raging like that dont belong in Motorsport, he could seriously injure someone on track. I'm not asking any indulgence, because I don't deserve it. 3.5k votes, 445 comments. What else could you ask or demand of him? Luca did only apologize for his own actions. Photo KSP The event occurred when ten laps of the 25 scheduled in the competition were being completed. Luca Corberi, a 23-year-old kart racer, has been met with widespread condemnation for the violent act, and Formula 1 legend Jenson Button has led calls for a lifetime ban. After the race, once i've been called by the sporting judges, I've asked them to take my licence away because I was fully conscious about my irreparable mistakes, but as they showed me, they don't have the power for doing it, it's written in the international rules, so please, don't be against them, they were just doing their work in the best way they could. Corberi is facing an investigation by the FIA after he threw a bumper from his kart at Paolo Ippolito during the race at the Lonato circuit, and attacked his rival in the paddock afterwards. He was guaranteed last place after going off track with his broken vehicle. In it, you can see Italian Kart driver Luca Corberi get a bumper after an evident crash, calmly leave to the side of the roadway– where other motorists are ZIPPING– and wait up until the person he desires visits and he tosses the bumper out to strike his cars and truck! THIS IS A WHOLE BUMPER and there is nothing to protect them. Italian driver Luca Corberi has walked away from the sport in disgrace after launching a wild attack on fellow drivers at the World Karting Championships in Italy last weekend. He should call up Dale Coyne. Who is Luca Corberi Karting? Corberi’s track record includes victory in the CIK-FIA KF3 World Cup in 2012. A statement said: “The Sports Judge, accepting the request from the Sports Attorney, decided to suspend all licenses as a precautionary measure attributable to Luca Corberi, Marco Corberi and those of the Kartodromo of which the latter is the Chief Executive Officer. ReddIt. LINE. The three F1 drivers who competed with Luca Corberi were surprised by the actions of the Italian karter as they felt it was something unacceptable from him. Email. All of you kart racing fans out there have probably already seen, but here’s stunning video of Corberi lurking on the side of the track with … It’s up to his father to show that he is as responsible as his son now. There might be an IndyCar seat for him. FIA karting president and ex-Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa will lead serious action following Luca Corberi’s extraordinary attack on a rival at the world championship last weekend. This could've gone much worse. Corberi, a 23-year-old Italian and son of the owners of the Lonato circuit, where the race was held, was left … Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button has called for Italian kart racer Luca Corberi to be given a lifetime ban from the sport after a shocking video emerged of him attacking a rival during today’s FIA Karting world championship.. Footage of Corberi’s behaviour during the KZ Final race have been widely shared on social media. This go-kart professional goes a little nuts after he throws his bumper at another driver and then decided to start a fight with him after the race, and then immediately retires from the sport completely after that. Antonio Fuoco Ben Barnicoat Charles Leclerc Dennis Olsen Dorian Boccolacci George Russell Karting Lance Stroll Luca Corberi Max Verstappen Santino Ferrucci. There are no excuses to explain why I've done such a disgraceful act, this has been something I've never done in my 15 years of career, and I really hope it won't be seen by anybody else in the future. VK. The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. In the aftermath of his blast from a round of the world karting championship, the Italian Luca Corberi decided to stop motor racing for good. He then got into a full fight in the racing pit with his dad also participating. The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. If this was done on the roads the person would be put in prison. Luca Corberi was disqualified from the race and he is currently being investigated by the FIA, so he could face further punishment. I hope he can close the book on that chapter of his life and open a new page with new activities.

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